calligraphy + design from the modern south.


I discovered that my own little postage stamp of native soil
was worth
writing about and that I would never live long enough to exhaust it.” 
— William Faulkner


Our principles.

Red Clay Paper was founded on the old-soul principles of meaningful correspondence + handmade design.  The namesake for our shop is the "red clay" soil of the South: the roots of our families, and the foundation of our aesthetic.   

I'm far from home these days—my husband, our hound dog and I have been living the expat life in Mexico City, and now Munich.  But my soul is still in the south.  And although I'm not an author like Faulkner, I am a "writer" in the literal sense: putting pen and ink to paper, writing about my little postage stamp of native soil, wherever I may be. 


Our approach.

At Red Clay Paper, we believe in slow-made designs that always begin the old-fashioned way: with pen and ink to paper, handwritten with time and tangibility.

But while our approach is old-fashioned, our designs are not:
We believe in delicate simplicity, balancing the organic movement of calligraphy with fresh space and clean typefaces.  With this balance of old + new, we aim to create timeless designs for meaningful weddings and inspired events.  

In a time where it seems everything is mass-produced for quick consumption, let's slow down.  With the balance of old soul spirit and a new south aesthetic, we create heirloom, authentic pieces—to preserve the moments that matter.


old soul | new south



currently based out of Munich, Germany // available worldwide.